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Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's Wrong with South Carolina? Hugh Leatherman and Bobby Harrell

What's Wrong with South Carolina? | The Nerve

"""...In a stunning display of the insidious concentration of power plaguing the state, the majority of the STIB board is appointed by two people – one, a senator (the President Pro Tem, Hugh Leatherman, from Florence); the other a member of the House (the Speaker – formerly Bobby Harrell). Collectively, they represent less than 3 percent of the voters in the state, but they control the entire new construction transportation budget and all of the new repair and maintenance funding.

Last month, the DOT released a report asserting that the state faces a $42 billion shortfall in transportation funding over the coming 45 years.  That comes to almost $24,000 per South Carolina household. Which is to say, the number is a joke.

Underneath the number are billions of dollars of funding for the pet projects of political insiders, projects that are unnecessary, unimportant or outright harmful. The poster children are I-73 between Rockingham, N.C. and Conway, at $2.4 billion, and the extension of I-526 to Johns Island, at more than half a billion dollars. Removing those two boondoggles would reduce the “backlog” by $3 billion...""" source link

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