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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Come on, man! What have you been doing for 27 Years?!!!

Editors Opinion: According to his bio posted on the Lee County Sheriff's Office website, Daniel Simon began his law enforcement career in 1987 with the Bishopville Police Department. In 2010, he became the Sheriff as a result of a special election which was held following the arrest and subsequent conviction of the former Sheriff, E. J. Melvin. Now we read that this Sheriff, whose personal motto reads: "Learning Not to Prepare, Is Preparing to Fail" and who has approximately 27 years in law enforcement, is complaining that, "We have to be proactive...", then maybe he is not the person for the job.

Lee County's Sheriff is reactive in his leadership because he lacks the initiative required to be a good leader. Events direct his agenda, surprising him and he reacts by complaining that he is not proactive.  Took 27 years to recognize the problem and only now is he reacting by complaining, "We've gotta do something about it...".  I mean; Come on, man! What have you been doing all those years?!!!

Sheriff: Missing 17-Year-old Found Dead: ""We've gotta do something about it, we can't just sit back and wait for things like this to happen. We have to be proactive because what happened this weekend can happen next weekend, it can happen tomorrow," said Simon."

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