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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Arrests of SC sheriffs have colleagues worried - SFGate

Arrests of SC sheriffs have colleagues worried - SFGate: "Before he became sheriff, Foster worked in law enforcement in Newberry County for about 15 years. He remembers when he started in the early 1970s, the sheriff lived in a home behind the jail and had inmates that cooked, cleaned the house and took care of children. Foster knows that times change, and he said he wants the rules for inmate work to change with them. State inmates are prohibited from using computers in local jails. But Newberry County's law library is now almost all online, and courts have ruled that prisoners must have access to legal materials. Also, Foster said it doesn't make sense to give an inmate who might know how to fix computers no way to use those skills. And he wants the rules applied to all elected officials with common sense." 'via Blog this'

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