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Saturday, January 07, 2012

I'm Deeply Humbled

You guys are the best in the world. Thanks for all the emails welcoming me back. Now... without further adieu here is the first of many posts you may find interesting. 

Sebastian Cabot
Name this explorer. 

Rambling thoughts: Imagine my mortification when I learned that Columbus wasn't the discoverer of America... yep they (most historians) say it is official… he didn’t. However, he did discover the Caribbean Islands.... dang, so close yet so far away historically speaking of course.  

Did you know that Christopher Columbus was a deeply religious man who was convinced that God called on him to bring Christianity to the remote spots around the world? 

In fact it was during this era that Christians raced to establish settlements in remote parts of the world; in large part to head off the establishment of Islam. Today Islam (about 1.5 billion adherents)  is second to Christianity (2.5 billion approximate adherents) in size. 

Family Affair Cast
Surprisingly there are over a billion people who are non-religious. Another eye opener was learning that Tom Cruise was among the 500 thousand who claim Scientology as their religion. Strange I thought there were more of them than that. Not so surprising is the claim of over 8 million believers in Scientology by the Scientologists themselves. Speaking of movie stars... my thoughts turn to Mr. French, the gentleman's gentleman of the TV series Family Affair with Brian Keith. Keith played a bachelor uncle charged with raising his brothers children... now what was Mr. French's real name. Oh yes, Sebastian Cabot. Strange how my mind seems to travel in circles....

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