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Friday, March 18, 2011

Lee County Elected Leaders on the Hot Seat Again

Editor: The back door to the Lee County Council is getting plenty of use, according to some watchdogs. Council's modus operandi is getting a bit suspicious for these folk and they're taking action.

Link: Appeal claims Lee county zoning exception illegal | SCNOW: "Some 45 residents attended a meeting at the Lydia Community Center to hear Steve Beasley, a local farmer and appellant in the legal action, explain the environmental hazards that he and three other plaintiffs believe may accompany the installation of a liquid waste incinerator/evaporator at the Lee County Solid Waste Facility owned by Merrill’s Composting, Inc. Beasley also outlined the reasons for filing the appeal against the Lee County Council, the Lee County Planning Commission and the Lee County Board of Zoning Appeals.

Also speaking at the meeting were Attorney Richard C. Jones, who represents the appellants, and Samantha Seigel of Columbia, a representative of the Sierra Club.

“We simply feel that there are environmental concerns that were not considered when this matter was approved and that it may not be in the best interest if the surrounding community,” said Beasley. “We certainly were not given the proper opportunity to voice our concerns about what effect the incinerator will have.”"

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