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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another case for the State's Ethics Commission???

Do you think this is a Democratic ploy to destroy Haley or is there some truth to this story which will not go away?
LINK: Hospital: No one here filled out application for Haley - Governor Watch - "Hospital: No one here filled out application for Haley
But who did? Haley staff insists she did not fill out application obtained through a public records request"

"Haley was hired as a fundraiser in August 2008, a position created for her at a $110,000-a-year salary, leaving the post in April 2010 as she was campaigning in the Republican gubernatorial primary. Records show hospital staff was having trouble getting in contact with Haley and had asked her to take a leave of absence, which she refused. Eventually Haley and the hospital agreed to a $35,000 severance package."

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