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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lee County's Rep. Grady Brown has 'Chance' at Redemption

Editorial: Start baking those Apple pies Maude, the S.C. Senate has approved a bill that would legalize raffles and have sent it on to the House membership for their approval. FUNdraisers will sure to be on the agenda's of many group's across the state as soon as Rep. Grady Brown and his cohorts in the House chambers do likewise
"'... Angela Nicholas with Red Cross Coastal South Carolina chapter..."'"'Anytime you're doing a fundraiser you do have to be cautious with what you're doing and how you're doing it,' she said, 'You need to make sure that your donors are ok with the activity sometimes there are third parties out in the community who are doing fundraisers on your behalf and of course you don't have quite as much control over that.'
Nicholas said if the bill becomes law then the organization may look into holding raffle fundraisers in the future.
The bill that would legalize raffles still has to pass in the house which then needs the governor's signature and be left up to the voters since it requires changing the constitution."
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