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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Big Dog" Moved Out of State for Security Reasons

"Big Dog" E. J. Melvin, the former Sheriff of Lee County... Moved from SC to another holding facility in Irwin County, Georgia for security reasons!!!
COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Former Lee County sheriff EJ Melvin has filed a motion for a new trial and has been transferred out-of-state to a new federal holding facility.
Melvin claims the government did not sufficiently prove the charges, nor provide sufficient evidence to convict. Melvin has also asked for the judge to make a judgment of acquittal.
In November, the former sheriff was convicted of drug conspiracy, 25 racketeering acts, money laundering, extortion, theft of public funds, and lying to the FBI. The motion comes despite the fact that a federal jury spent more than 15 hour deliberating the facts. There is no date set for the judge to hand down a decision on Melvin's request.
United States Marshals have moved Melvin out of the Lexington County Detention Center to another facility in Irwin County, Georgia to hold him until sentencing. The move came because of security concerns according to the Marshal Office in Columbia. The sentencing was set for this month, but is pushed back until the end of February. 

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