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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sumter’s House of Classics II

Sumter’s House of Classics II

What: Sumter Civic Theater & Sumter County Library present Sumter’s House of Classics II
This month:  Sahara

When: January 7, 2011 at 7:30 pm.  Doors open at 7:00 pm. Sumter’s House of Classics II is the first Friday of each month.

Where:  Sumter Opera House, 21 North Main Street, in the heart of beautiful downtown Sumter, South Carolina.

Cost:  $2.50 per person at the door on the day of the show.

Information:  The Sumter Civic Theatre and the Sumter County Library are proud to present Sumter’s House of Classics II!  The sequel to an already great series, Sumter’s House of Classic Movies, Classics II features more recent classics and some fare one normally would not see at the usual Classic Movie night.

Feel the heat this January with Sahara.  On the surface, it’s a war movie that takes place in the deserts of North Africa during the height of World War II.  Dig deeper into the sands, however, and you’ll find that Sahara is a tale of desperate survival and psychological tensions stretched to the limits.  As Allied soldiers (led by Humphrey Bogart) find themselves stranded in the Sahara at a dry well, Axis goons approach, leading to a tense stand-off as the two sides negotiate the trade of guns for water.  As both sides grow thirstier and more desperate, the situation grows potentially more explosive.
Additional Information:  Please contact Swan Lake Visitors Center at 803-436-2640,, or
Robert Harden, Director, Sumter County Library
Tyler Cook, Cultural Coordinator, City of Sumter

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