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Friday, January 21, 2011

Legislature should rescind Bauer interchange honor - Editorial -

Editorial on the editorial

These recognizable names in South Carolina's Legislature are creating laws that make it seem as if you're getting a lot more than you really are. They are sneaky the way children are sneaky. It is a game to them. They haven't grown up...
We have a childish sneaky former Legislator sitting in the Governor's chair.......leading the example for others to follow. Upset them and they'll take their little red wagon and go home... to that I say, give them the stupid wagon and send them on their way...

Legislature should rescind Bauer interchange honor - Editorial - "Who did it?

According to the Lexington County Legislative Delegation, the Oct. 8 request to name the interchange for Andre Bauer was made by Sens. Jake Knotts, John Courson, Ronnie Cromer and Nikki Setzler, then-Rep. and now-Gov. Nikki Haley and Reps. Chip Huggins, Kit Spires, Kenny Bingham, Marion Frye and Mac Toole."

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