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Friday, January 21, 2011

Guilty of Nepotism? - Not if your Relative Lives Apart From You

A new definition as been coined for the term 'Nepotism' by SC State University Finance Director John Smalls

Read This:

"'Nepotism is involved when a person is living with you,' stated Smalls, 'The person that did this work, Alisa Smalls, she has a company in Atlanta and that does not create nepotism. She does not live in my household. She doesn't live in South Carolina. She lives in Atlanta.'

The policy (SC State university's ethical conduct policy) states employees: 'may not engage directly or indirectly in any business transaction for the profit of the employee or employee's family member.' Employees may not: 'participate in the negotiation in which the employee or employee's family member has a financial or personal interest.'"

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