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Monday, December 06, 2010

Opportunity to Change an Outdated Law Presents Itself Once Again

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse

Lee County Council Chairman, Charles Arthur Beasley and State Representative, Grady Brown stood up in a local Chamber of Commerce meeting in recent months and proposed a raffle to keep the doors open on the Lee County Chamber of Commerce. As leaders of the community their hearts were in the right place but their ignorance of the law caused a lot of folks to become indignant with this editor for reporting that raffles were illegal in the State of South Carolina. Responsible folk at the local chamber checked with the State Attorney General and were informed that the proposed raffle was indeed illegal so other arrangements were conceived to successfully reverse the financial pitfall the local chamber was facing. 

The question is this; another opportunity to change an old-fashioned law is presenting itself... will our legislators... especially the local one... get it right this time and remove the barrier that criminalize's friendly home poker games and church raffles. 
From WISTV: Some South Carolina legislators say they'll try again to legalize games of poker between friends and church raffle tickets. 

Efforts to modernize South Carolina's centuries-old gambling laws have repeatedly died since 2007. That's when a raid on a Mount Pleasant home led to the arrest of 22 poker-players, including a 79-year-old woman.

Proponents argued tweaking the law was common sense, opponents feared any change could lead to outright gambling.

A South Carolina law on the books since 1802 makes illegal any game with cards or dice, which could include common family games like Monopoly and popular social games like Bunko. Some courts have interpreted the law to criminalize games of chance, not skill. More from Source: WIS TV


Anonymous said...

In general this is a reason why politicians and used car salesmen are bracketed together in public opinion. Regrettably these characters will tell you one thing to serve their purpose while avoiding the truth. I have followed this issue [lottery, raffles, poker, etc] and could never understand why this has not been discussed more in the media. Change the laws to reflect modern attitudes or enforce the laws on the books. The fact that the highest law enforcement agency in the state is ignoring an out-of-date state law is reason enough to change it. I'm talking about the Attorney General's office.
By the way... didn't Grady Brown cast a vote on this more than once in the past? I would love to know how he voted! How about it Grady, how did you vote on this in the past and how will you vote when this comes up on the legislative floor?

Anonymous said...

I'm angry at Grady Brown. Of all the people attending that chamber meeting, one would think that Grady Brown's knowledge of legislation he has voted on in the past would have prevented him from suggesting the chamber engage in an illegal activity. Shame on you Grady Brown!