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Friday, December 24, 2010

Lee County Sheriff Off-Duty Officers 'Hump' and 'Grind' Late Night Club Female Patrons While On-Duty Cops Watch

Editorial: Leadership is the act of setting the right example... and in Lee County you have to ask yourself this question: Has the leadership examples of convicted former Sheriff E.J. Melvin permeated the Sheriff's department to the point that there is an attitude problem that needs to be addressed?

Is there a tendency for employees of the Sheriff's department, who watched Melvin's 'modus operandi' day in and day out, to become oriented to approach the application of law-enforcement in much the same manner as he did?

Another good question to ask is: Where is the present leadership? Current Sheriff Daniel Simon has elected not suspended any deputies. Not the 'off duty' ones or the 'On Duty' ones, apparently deciding that suspending all 'off-duty' night club details until some point in the future. Is this the way to handle this latest ugly episode involving members of his department.

Sheriff Daniel needs to set a solid example going forward... the taxpayers expect their money to be expended wisely... late night humping and grinding patrons of a nightclub while 'On Duty' officers watch is not what they expect.

Read this from WISTV 
"Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon temporarily suspended all off-duty night club details 'until further notice,' and said he's opened Internal Affairs files on the officers involved in an undercover WIS investigation. Our cameras caught four deputies at a Bishopville night club potentially wasting tax dollars and performing hands-on security checks that some call 'inappropriate.'"

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