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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fired Deputy Says Heimlich Maneuver Performed on Night Club Patron Misunderstood

Sheriff Daniel Simon's rids his department of one undesirable and issued reprimands to three others involved in the late night episode that hit the headlines recently.


"...A Lee County deputy is out of a job and three officers have been written up after WIS cameras caught them at a nightclub potentially wasting tax dollars and performing hands-on security checks that some might call 'inappropriate.'... "
"...Jackson said the actions were a "joke" between the woman and himself. "Her and I were playing on each other," he said. "That's all that was, and it was taken out of context, and I apologize whole-heartedly for that."
Video also showed a second woman in the group backing up to Jackson as he spends several seconds rubbing the woman's back. Jackson was then seen putting both arms around the woman and thrusting his pelvis into her. 
Jackson said he was actually performing a life-saving rescue procedure on the woman. "Her other friend that was on the video was choking and I did try to help her by giving her the Heimlich Maneuver," explained Jackson..."
"...Sheriff Daniel Simon fired Deputy John Jackson Wednesday and gave three other officers, Captain Lynn Blakney, Corporal Louis Torres, and school resource officer Shante Demery written reprimands for violating department policies..."
"...Jackson apologized to Lee County residents on Wednesday, but said he feels his actions were the "least egregious, but the most severely punished." "If you weigh it out, I don't know which one is heavier, theirs or mine," said Jackson. "But in the outcome, I guess mine was heavier because I'm the one that's out of the job..."

Souce: WISTV 

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