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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voting inspector in jail? No. But deceased candidate is truly in the running -

Thank goodness this didn't happen in Lee County, SC!

Some voters in a California community arrived at their polling place only to find that there were no voting equipment anywhere.... Topping that one they then were informed that they could not vote because the voting inspector had been carted off to jail... and then there is this:

"In Long Beach and the South Bay, voters had the option of voting for a deceased candidate. Polling places in the 28th State Senate District posted signs saying Democratic State Sen. Jenny Oropeza, who died nearly two weeks ago at age 53, 'remains an active candidate.'
When a candidate dies right before an election, he or she remains on the ballot, and votes for the deceased are counted, according to the L.A. County registrar-recorder's office. If the deceased candidate wins, the governor must call a special election to fill the seat."

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