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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Two Faces of Jim DeMint

Editorial: Why is Jim DeMint spending valuable time on a election in the state of Alaska when there are more immediate problems in his home state of South Carolina? Senator DeMint has gone national, that's abundantly clear and is spending less time on the issues facing South Carolinians. My advice to DeMint is don't make the same mistake Graham did. Time will tell if DeMint has kicked his home state to the curb in favor of political ambitions. What is that saying about power.....?

WASHINGTON — For all his success in helping elect ultraconservatives to the Senate, Sen. Jim DeMint now must face the difficult consequences of one spectacular, all but certain failure.
Even as DeMint says he would welcome fellow Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski back to the Senate, the South Carolinian is still urging conservative activists around the country to donate money to replace the Alaskan incumbent with tea party favorite Joe Miller.
DeMint, who raised $5.6 million for ultraconservative GOP candidates this year, has attached a personal-appeal letter to a CONTRIBUTE banner and a photo of Miller at the top of the Web site of his Senate Conservatives Fund." Full Story

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