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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lee County Council Chairman Owns and Operates Waste Company at Industrial Waste Facility

What does Charles Arthur Beasley and Wally Lee have in common? The answer is: They both operate waste businesses from the same location. Read about it in Randy Burns' Special to The Item.

"...A second company, Lee County Compost and Recycling Co., is located at the same site. The compost company is owned and permitted by Lee through DHEC and accepts yard trash, land clearing debris and stumps.
'I devote all my time and resources to the solid waste company,' Lee said. 'It is my land, but Charles Arthur Beasley runs the compost company. He doesn't have anything to do with the solid waste company.'
Beasley, who is also the chairman of the Lee County Council, said he uses his equipment to 'grind tree limbs and debris into compost.'
'I don't have anything to do whatsoever with Lee County Solid Waste Co...,' he said."


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