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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lee Academy Receives Grant

"Robert E. Lee Academy of Bishopville has received a $750 grant from the Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance program to support the school’s middle school science lab. The grant money will be used for the purchase of microscopes for the middle school science lab.
Bishopville Petroleum, owner of the Exxon Quik Mart located at 561 South Main St. in Bishopville, worked with school officials to secure the grant, which is one of 2,400 available to schools across the country served by Exxon or Mobile stations. The grants were made possible by funding from the Exxon Mobile Corporation.
The ExxonMobile Educational Alliance program is designed to provide Exxon and Mobile retailers with an opportunity to invest in the future of their communities through educational grants to neighborhood schools. ExxonMobile believes that, as members of the community, local retailers are best qualified to work with local educators to help identify schools and programs most in need of support." Read article

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