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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Google boss: 'Creeped out by Street View? Just move' • The Register

Like millions of people I have come to depend on Google. It is just that simple. It is like I'm married to it.

Google is there in the morning and there when I feel the need to cozy up to it in the evenings. Heck, when I wake in the middle of the night Google is there to administer to my slightest whim... by George, I'm addicted and that may be my downfall for it knows everything about me... EVERYTHING!

Alarmingly, Google Holds the Master Key to your Personal House
"Google CEO Eric Schmidt has said that if you don't like Google Street View cars photographing your house, you can 'just move.'
“Street View. We drive exactly once,” Schmidt said during an appearance on CNN's “Parker Spitzer' late last week. “So, you can just move, right?”
Schmidt's words were broadcast across the net on Friday, but they've been edited from the video now available on the CNN website. Before it was edited out, the moment was reported by The Wall Street Journal.
After he unloaded that 'just move' bit, there was an exchange between Schmidt and show cohost Kathleen Parker, and then Schmidt laughed. So, says The Journal, it's unclear whether the comment was meant as a joke." For More On This Story Click This Sentence

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