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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election Gain Boost Testosterone in Republican's Causing Memory Lapse

by John Reames

What the good Senator from Kentucky seems to have forgotten is the reason Democrats gained control of both houses of Congress prior to this election. It is not title Republicans or Democrats who the public favors... it is the person they hired to do a job and if that person hasn't performed, we the people can promise you that you will be fired! 

Spouting worn out party rhetoric is not what we want to hear! Frankly, we are fed up with it! This country needs leaders not orators... you newly elected  or reelected representatives only have a short time to show us you have the mettle to do the people's work. Those of you who didn't face the voter's this time around have an opportunity to change the way they have done business. If they choose not to change then they may hear Donald Trump's voice in their ear... "Mr Congressman! You're Fired!"

Millions of Americans were disheartened when they heard the following chest thumping: 
""Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky practically threatened Democrats with deeper losses in two years if they don't show more willingness to embrace GOP ideas for health care, taxes and other matters.
'They may have missed the message somewhat,' McConnell told reporters. Democrats 'can change now and work with us to address the issues that are important to the American people,' he said, or they can refuse and see that another round of Republican wins 'can happen in 2012,' when Obama will seek re-election."" Read Entire Article
It is evident that many politicians, not just the recent victorious Republicans, missed the message years ago. The people sent the following message for the McConnell's in Congress today; don't make the same mistake. Every member of Congress should know beyond any doubt that they have been put on notice; job performance is being watched closely and if you don't measure up, you just may find yourself joining those on the outside looking in. We are not going to allow you to screw up our country any longer. 

If the McConnell attitude is prevalent in the halls of Congress then the first thing that needs changing is Attitudes. This election is not a mandate to return to status quo. We want a meeting of the heads by all political entities... this attitude about one side having all the answers is just plain wrong. 

The other change that is needed is BIG MONEY TRANSPARENCY. I am alarmed at how Big Money (from unknown sources) controlled this election; no thanks to the buffoons on the Supreme Court. More on this and other important topics (CONSUMPTION TAXES, TERM LIMITS, ETC.) later but for now, let's pull up to the table, roll up our sleeves and get this economy going. 

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