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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

State Supreme Court Justices Weigh-In on Gambling and Raffles

South Carolina Supreme Court Justices Surprised to Learn that Some Card or Dice Games Are Not Illegal

Attorney General office admits to practicing loose interpretation of the law. 

Citizens Confused

"...Read literally, a South Carolina law on the books since 1802 makes illegal any game with cards or dice_including popular board games like Monopoly and Sorry. McMaster has traditionally said that he followed a loose interpretation of that law, only considering games that are more reliant on chance that (sic) on a player's skill_like Texas Hold'Em_to be gambling and therefore illegal..." Source Link
Assistant Attorney General Sonny Jones has told the State Justices that, "...It is our position that this stature does not encompass the Friday night poker game or the penny ante poker game..." Source Link

"...State legislators have tried to advance bills to decriminalize friendly poker games and raffles for charity, but those issues stalled in both chambers. On Tuesday, the court's chief justice seemed to suggest they should try again.

'We're stuck with a very old statute that doesn't say one word about betting anything,' Toal said, adding that state lawmakers should have updated gambling laws when they debated outlawing video poker more than a decade ago.

"The justices will issue their decision in several months."" Source Link

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