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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

New Road Projects to be Discussed Tonight at Lee Central High School

October 5, 2010

John Reames

10 years of planning by local government officials, who have worked with the Santee Lynches Regional Council of Governments and the South Carolina Department of Highways in developing a proposal for a highway system that would direct a majority of truck traffic away from Bishopville's downtown district is to be presented to the citizens of Lee County tonight at 5 p.m at Lee Central High School south of Bishopville on Highway 341. 

A personal preliminary assessment of the proposal reveals that the term being used to describe the project is at best a misnomer. This is not a 'bypass' in the usual sense of the word. A highway or section of a highway that passes around an obstructed or congested area is a bypass. This project does not 'pass around' the downtown business district of Bishopville as indicated in Randy Burn's Special to The Item article: DOT to host meeting on Bishopville bypass. In fact, from what I can see the proposed project does little to remove truck traffic from downtown Bishopville. Granted, downtown Main Street may see less northbound truck traffic on U.S. Highway 15 but it certainly doesn't address the south bound traffic. 

Unless there is a specific reason for a truck driver to seek out the proposed 'Bypass' such as pickup and delivery, a good majority of truck traffic will continue to travel though the downtown business district defeating the stated primary purpose of the so-called bypass, which is to reduce truck traffic in the downtown district of Bishopville. 

I strongly urge the citizens of the county to attend this meeting... Lee County certainly doesn't need another boondoggle project. 

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