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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letter to the President by Paul A. Smith

I am an angry citizen
by Paul A. Smith
Subject: social security
Mr. President,
       I wrote you last year and said "I am an angry citizen".  I received a form letter in return so I assume you really don't care.  This year you and congress received your pay raises, passed an unfair health care bill, continued to treat social security as a personal slush fund, and more "pork" than ever has been added to the bills to appease a few.  Hooray for you, you hold the power, use it to your advantage, and subtly present yourselves as caring while blind siding the general public as you eliminate tax breaks that normally help the people who provide the taxes.   Yep, I am more angry now than ever. 
      I continue to hear you say we need to share the wealth.  I do not have much but I disagree with you on how wealth should be disbursed.  I will continue to believe people should earn their wealth and share with the less fortunate through local churches and not the government.  I believe Churches share while government controls.  I do not like to be controlled.
      Listed below are a few suggestions I have to share the wealth:
      (A) eliminate the pay raise you and Congress are getting every year
      (B) eliminate the "pork" that is added to congressional bills
      (C) return the money back to social security that has been  removed since 1963 
      (D) add yourself and Congress to the same healthcare and social security programs you have enacted for me to obey
    By the way, you and Congress are not setting a very good example by increasing your pay next year.  The seniors of our great nation will not get a social security raise and will probably pay more for medicare with less benefits.  Since Social Security is now a tax instead of a voluntary contribution, what is this action if it is not a tax increase?  I do not earn anywhere near the $250,000 you have set as a figure for the wealthy but my taxes are increasing.  In my mind Mr. President you "speak with a forked tongue".   I am very angry that you and congress are receiving a pay raise and I am going to pay more taxes without a pay raise.
     I am not a member and have never attended a Tea Party meeting but I think I understand the reason for their existence.  Tea Partiers are upset because you and Congress are not listening to the public and seem to think you know what is best for us.  Wow, you are wrong.  You have never walked in my shoes so you don't know what is best for me. I will probably attend the next meeting in my area because I am angry with how you and Congress are using your positions to control which you call sharing the wealth.  All I ever wanted is the freedom to choose and I do not feel I have choices with this congress and you as president.   
       Thank goodness I still have a vote but I am sad my vote has become my weapon aimed at getting rid of the greedy in today's government instead of a positive vote for people who I believe care about the American public.
       In November I plan to vote for the people who will closer support my views.     
An Angry Citizen,
Paul A. Smith

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