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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Joyriding boy leads Marion police on chase, again | SCNOW

Joyriding boy leads Marion police on chase, again | SCNOW

"... An 11-year-old Marion boy, already in trouble after he led police officers on a chase in a pickup taken from the city fire department Monday, is back in trouble after he apparently took a sport-utility vehicle and led police on another chase Tuesday.

Police said the second incident involved a Ford Explorer that was parked at Richard’s restaurant with the keys in the console between the seats of the vehicle.

According to an incident report, the couple who own the SUV told police they saw a boy wearing a school uniform walking toward their vehicle as they entered the restaurant. When they came outside, the SUV was gone.

Lt. Farmer Blue soon spotted the SUV and chased the driver down South Pine and Godbold streets until the boy jumped out of the vehicle near Pine and Wheeler streets, where he was apprehended..."

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