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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Item: News - Check the facts before you send that e-mail

The Item: News - Check the facts before you send that e-mail: "Two weeks from today, all registered voters will hopefully head to the polls to make informed choices for their preferred candidates.
But until that time, please stop sending me chain e-mails asking me why we haven't covered these great big secrets that so-and-so is hiding. And please don't fuss at me, by calling or writing, when I'm not gung-ho about ruining the career of your least favorite politician because of some shady points in an e-mail that's seen so many inboxes that it's hard to tell when it began.
I know that some of you are truly petrified that Nikki Haley has sacrificed several of your local Girl Scouts in her bid to become South Carolina's first female governor. I'm aware that there are some readers who live in terror that the President has grown a third eye and is now speaking in tongues during his daily White House conference calls to the Neptunians who helped him fake his birth certificate."

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