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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is the Cure Worse than the Illness

October 16, 2010

Our country is a living organism; a living body with a heartbeat. In the early years of its life our body had a strong heartbeat; all the vital organs were healthy and functioning normally. Today we find our county convulsing in the throes of a terminal illness; body functions are breaking down from the results of an appalling mortally degenerative disease that has weaseled its way into the body; affecting vital organs in an hostile manner. 

This terminal sickness is systematically wreaking havoc on the immune system. We clearly see that these vital organs whose original functions were designed to work in concert within the body's system are now at total odds with the other. They perceive other organs to be a virus and are causing an elevation in the immune system. The problem is the body's immune system cannot tell the healthy organ from the diseased one. 

The cure? Organ replacement! Removal of the effected organ(s) appears to be the only way to rid the body of the weaseling disease. However, there is a huge problem with the replacement procedure and that problem is the lack of proper vetting. 
To ensure that we are replacing these organs with ones that are healthy, trustworthy, loyal, etc. we must, thoroughly investigate them before we begin the operation. In our rush for remedies we haven't done a good job of vetting and in some cases we will have a cure that is worse than the illness. 

Sometimes bringing in a hyped up consultant fails us. God help us.

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