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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Haley Lied About Forced Exit From Hospital Fundraiser Job


This is another example that Nikki Haley is misrepresenting herself to the good people of South Carolina. If she is lying now what can we expect from her after she is elected? Regardless of your political leanings, if you have one ounce of moral fiber in your makeup you will denounce her actions and refuse to back her political ambitions. Nikki Haley is bad for South Carolina politics and bad for South Carolina in general.

"When South Carolina gubernatorial nominee Nikki Haley left her $110,000-a-year job as a hospital fundraiser in April, the explanation was that she wanted to work full time on her run for governor.

Records obtained by The Associated Press show her departure was anything but smooth. E-mails between Haley and her bosses show she did not want to leave or take a hiatus, as offered. After a negotiation between attorneys, she left with $35,000 severance and a promise from hospital administrators they would say nothing to embarrass her or question her integrity.
The e-mails contradict a June interview with The State in which Haley said she was not asked to leave the job."
The State

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