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Friday, October 22, 2010

Growing Numbers in GOP Rank and File Oppose Haley - Support Sheheen

Prominent Republican's Come Out Against Nikki Haley 
GOP members Forthrightness to Step Across Party Lines Defines a True Tea Party Effort in South Carolina 
  • "She's playing total defense on this," said Clemson University political scientist (and GOP consultant) Dave Woodard. "Every move is made by Sheheen and she's responding." During the GOP primary, Haley proposed lawmakers disclose their income. Later, when challenged by Republican opponent Gresham Barrett to release her income tax records, Haley acknowledged an engineering firm paid her $42,500 in consulting fees while she was a legislator in 2007-2009. Haley said she realized the need for legislators to disclose their income between finishing her work for the firm in 2008 and filing a bill to require financial disclosure by legislators at the end of 2009. Sheheen upped the income tax ante by releasing 10 years of his tax records, covering his tenure as a legislator. Haley released three more years of tax records Wednesday, meaning she too had released her taxes for the period when she was a legislator. But Haley's most recent disclosure raised more questions. They showed that Haley, who touts her talents as an accountant as a qualification to run state government, twice paid her taxes more than a year late. They also showed Haley - campaigning as a fiscal conservative - has been heavily indebted, buying a $300,000 home and adding a line of credit - of up to $110,000 - while her family, in one year, made barely $40,000. link
  • Jim Rozier, former Berkeley County supervisor, is the latest Lowcountry Republican to throw his support to Sheheen. "I think it's really urgent that in this country we start pulling together rather than pulling apart," Rozier said. "I think the extreme right as well as the extreme left is bad. We've got to come together with some leadership and some statesmanship, and I think that's what Sheheen would do." Rozier, a Republican elected four times as Berkeley's supervisor, said he won't say a bad word about Haley. Rozier is joining with several prominent Democrats and others to host an Oct. 7 fundraiser for Sheheen. The event is being held at the Berkeley County home of Robert Royall, who was appointed S.C. Commerce Secretary by GOP Gov. David Beasley and later Ambassador to Tanzania by President George W. Bush. link
  •  In a Sept. 13 letter to U.S. Attorney William Nettles, (John) Rainey wrote that Haley appeared to have violated the federal Hobbs Act, a statute that “prohibits a public official from receiving money ‘under color of official right.’” He wrote that from 2007 to 2009, when Haley was paid, Wilbur Smith and Associates had contracts totaling more than $375,000 with the South Carolina Department of Transportation. Wilbur Smith had also received $12.9 million in payments from the transportation department on existing contracts as of June 30, 2010. Rainey also cited the firm’s being hired as a consultant to a transportation system in the Irmo/Dutch Fork area. “Because Rep. Haley has no business or professional experience that would qualify her to develop business for Wilbur Smith and Associates, it appears to me that the reason that she is ‘very connected’ … is that she serves as a member of the House of Representatives,” he wrote. link
  • On Thursday, former Charleston County Republican Chair Cyndi Mosteller and GOP strategist and Clemson University professor Dave Woodard said Haley should provide more information about two alleged affairs of which she has been accused and has denied, her tardy personal and business income tax filings and a controversial job she held as a hospital fundraiser while serving as a state legislator. link

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