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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Spurrier Yanks Proven QB in Favor of Rookie in Final Minutes

Recipe for failure

Editorial: Recipe for failure. Face it folks, you just don't call a battle hardened General from the battle field in favor of a recent West Point graduate. When the chips are down you count on experience to pull you through the battle, but don't tell that to the Head Ball Coach. 

Trying to reason why Steve Spurrier pulled his starter in favor of a rookie is giving this writer tons of material in addition to causing dyed-in-the-wool Gamecock fans major migraine headaches.

Spurrier is the head coach and despite how the faithful may feel about his latest coaching decision, this much is known; Spurrier along with thousands of disappointed Gamecock fans will have to live with his game-time decisions, right or wrong, win or lose. That Gracia fumbled the ball twice wasn't because of lack of effort on his part; on the contrary, it was the Gracia led offensive efforts that kept the Gamecocks in the ballgame. 

Did the Head Ball Coach make a mistake benching the only hope Carolina had for pulling off a last minute win. Probably, but we will never know. It was an offensive game. The defense along with Spurrier's game-time coaching are two areas that need improvement.  

The Gamecock nation have almost two weeks to mull over this loss, giving the ball players time to mend as we all wait for news of who will be the starting QB at Williams Brice Stadium, October 9th against the number one ranked Crimson Tide of Alabama. 

Game prediction: Count on seeing the headset tossed in frustration by the Head Ball Coach a record number of times during the Gamecocks loss to the Tide. I have Alabama by 17. 

Food for thought:

  1. Clemson lost to the Auburn Tigers by a score of 27 to 24.. a 3 point spread. The scores put on the board by both teams totaled 51 points. 
  2. Carolina lost the the Auburn Tigers by a score of 35-27... an 8 point spread. The score put on the board by both teams totaled 62 points. 
  3. Carolina came into the the game ranked number 12 in the AP poll. After the game they dropped 7 spots to number 19*. 

Based entirely on the total scores and the point spread it is obvious in this reporters mind that Clemson should be ranked somewhere between the two teams... probably around 15th or 16th. 

* Update: Corrected AP poll now has the Gamecock ranked 20th in the nation. 

From WIS-TV "...Michigan moved up a spot South Carolina moved down a spot Sunday night after it was learned that a mistake had been made in the balloting while tabulating The Associated Press college football.
Originally USC was ranked No. 19, but the team is now No. 20 in the nation because an out of date ballot was used in tabulating the poll.
No other rankings changed when the correct ballot was entered..."
News sampling: 
From "...South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier says it's too soon to know which quarterback the Gamecocks will start against No. 1 Alabama in two weeks.

Spurrier said Sunday he would not hold a quarterback competition between starter Stephen Garcia and backup Connor Shaw during the team's bye week.

Garcia fumbled twice in the second half of South Carolina's 35-27 loss to 10th-ranked Auburn on Saturday night.

Spurrier brought in freshman Connor Shaw in the fourth quarter. Shaw threw two interceptions to end Gamecocks drives.

Spurrier says he knows the attributes of both Garcia and Shaw and would decide based on that.

South Carolina dropped seven spots to No. 19 in the rankings...

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