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Monday, September 13, 2010

Senior Citizens in Today's World are Savvy ... Right?

Want to lose money? Talk to a con artist for a few minutes and he find a way to get your money. 

How to tell if someone is a con artist is when the picture they are painting is too good to be true. 

Con artists use every tool in the trade to deceive you into believing that they are on the up and up. Intelligence doesn't really matter because the con artist will find your weakness... whether it be your loneliness, your ill health, your insecurity. Con artists make money by  lying, cheating and fooling you into believing they have the greatest deal... or the easiest way to get more money. However, when the deal is done they are the ones making the money. These con people don't have a conscience when it comes to taking your money. 

The State Attorney General has a webpage with ten steps to use to avoid falling victim to a scam:  

Henry McMaster

Investment Fraud and Abuse

"...Senior citizens are the number one target of investment con artists. The files of state securities agencies are filled with tragic examples of senior citizens who have been cheated out of life savings, windfall insurance payments, and even the equity in their own homes.

Illegal telemarketing is a crime, and fraudulent telemarketers are criminals. There are an estimated 14,000 illegal telemarketing operations bilking thousands of victims every day. This fraud adds up to at least $40 billion annually, according to Congressional surveys. Additionally, surveys by the American Association of Retired Persons indicate that over one-half of those victims are age 50 or older..." Read full page

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