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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Opportunistic: A Term that Defines Christine O'Donnell

By John Reames

Recently I received an e-mail in which I was asked a question concerning a Tea Party's candidate, Christine O'Donnell. O'Donnell is seeking the former seat of long time Delaware U.S. Senator Joe Biden, who vacated it when elected Vice President. The seat was appointed to Biden's staffer, Ted Kaufman. O'Donnell, just this month defeated Congressman and former Delaware Governor Mike Castle, despite rumors of an O'Donnell whisper campaign that painted Castle as being gay.

The writer of the e-mail challenged :

"... without looking them up, (presumably he didn't want me to be soiled by the garbage I might find) focus on the issues and tell me given her (Christine O'Donnell) positions, which ones do you not agree with?..." 

First of all, and this is based on stuff I learned prior to his challenge, Christine's number one position, by her own admission, while in college was as a drunk on her back, legs spread, taking on all comers. She claimed that this 'unprincipled' period in her life led her to become interested in politics and religion. She says she became a born again Christian.

On the political side we know that O'Donnell worked at it until she became a born again politician, having failed in her previous attempts to gain the coveted and elusive Delaware Senatorial seat. Seems the adage 'three times the charm' might be working in her favor this time around.

What was it about politics and religion that changed this previously self-admitted unprincipled social whore's principles? Could it be money and power? Is she an opportunist cut from the same cloth as Sara Palin?

At least Palin had some governmental experience before being thrown under the campaign bus. But look at Palin now! Talk about being opportunistic!

O'Donnell can list no government leadership experience, which might be a good thing considering the leadership we have experienced for the past ten years or more (more being the more realistic number).

Her 'political' positions include: her promise to vote to repeal the health care package of 2010; her promise to raise the age of persons receiving Social Security; her promise to never vote for a tax increase; her opposition to earmarks (poor Delaware, tossed to the curb); her opposition to 'cap and trade'; her belief that the tax code needs to be simplified; her opposition to monkey cloning (she has said that fully functioning human brains have been implanted in monkeys); her opposition to abortion even in cases of rape or incest; her opposition to stem cell research and human cloning (guess the role of the monkey has something to do with the human cloning belief)

I am a long time benefactor of the Social Security Club and recently started reclaiming my money. Yes, it is my money! I don't think that Congress has the constitutional right to rob me and I don't agree with O'Donnell's position on the age issue.  I don't agree that the health care package of 2010 should be tossed. Realistically, her promise never to raise taxes is like urinating upstream in an hurricane. I do agree with her on 'earmarks' as the term may apply to someone seeking a certain amount of taxpayer capital directed to a pet project or organization in that someone's district or state(Amounts to a form of state welfare in my opinion). I believe in Fair Tax which, defined as a consumption tax, would eliminate the need for a Internal Revenue Tax Code, therefore I oppose her view of simply simplifying the tax code. I agree with her stated position when it comes to opposing 'cap and trade'. I think 'cap and trade' is a example of the government stepping into the private sector by creating a sham bazaar in which polluters pay for reduced pollution to another polluter.  I disagree with her position on abortion for I believe there to be individual life threatening circumstances that warrant aborting and those choices should be made by the individual not government. I am still in school on the issue of cloning for I can see both the good and the bad, and have not formed a overriding opinion. 

Now for a woman's opinion concerning Christine O'Donnell I offer article for your reading pleasure or displeasure, depending on your political wherewithal. 


Yes, Christine O’Donnell, I am calling you stupid

By Mary MacElveen
September 22, 2010

"...Cute sound-bites and activism within the sexual realm does not a senator make. One must have the fortitude of knowledge in order to be elected senator. Yes, Christine O’Donnell, I am calling you stupid.

As we live in a global society, I often wonder what our global citizens think of this upcoming election with a “Tea Party” insurgency within the Republican ranks. Either they are terrified of what is to come or they are shaking their heads thinking that America is stupid to elect anyone of these candidates.

As a former Republican, I do think that this new Republican Party is stupid to follow this “Tea Party” movement. While stupid, I do find they are opportunistic. They just want the votes and power. Let us NOT give it to them!..." Read the full article

Source: Mary_MacElveen

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