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Monday, September 27, 2010

Federal Prosecutors in the E.J. Melvin Case Investigating Lee County Victim Advocate Funds

Twelve Year Affair With Sheriff's Dept. Victim Advocate Revealed by Fed Investigation
Attorney Vacationing with 30 Days Remaining before E. J. Melvin's Trial 

Editorial: Everything is conjecture at this point but it is beginning to look like federal prosecutors are putting the squeeze on the enterprising former Lee County Sheriff by purposefully and methodically piling on the charges. If so, what are they after? Media sources are reporting that federal interviewers state in a FBI arrest report released Friday, that the former sheriff's involvement in a drug conspiracy ring stretched beyond Lee County. According to a media source, on the same day Melvin was arrested at a home in Sumter County in May, he was subsequently interviewed and a discussion was had concerning former Sumter County Sheriff's Deputy, Sergeant Alex Dukes along with Sheriff Anthony Dennis. The source reports that it remains unclear if the interviewers or Melvin mentioned the names first or why the two men were even discussed. Also media reports say the FBI arrest report indicated that Melvin was familiar with rumors of 'suspicious activity' on the part of Dennis and 'criminal activity' on the part of Dukes, but that Melvin indicated to his interviewers he had no 'first hand knowledge' of the alleged activity by either men. 

Melvin's trial is scheduled for October 26 and if there are others out there with criminal connections to this case they have reason to be sweating bullets.

News Sources:

From WIS-TV: "...Federal prosecutors are looking into where more than $12,000 in Lee County Victims Advocate funds went between 2008 and 2010, according to the latest filings in the drug conspiracy case against former Sheriff EJ Melvin.

The investigation led FBI agents to the former sheriff's Victim Advocate's office.

Federal investigators interviewed the department's victims advocate, Angela Ruth, on July 15 while FBI agents were in the process of tracking down Melvin's finances. Ruth, who federal prosecutors identified as 'Witness X', worked as the office's victims advocate.

Sheriff Daniel Simon said Ruth resigned Sept. 20 for 'personal reasons.'" 

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