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Friday, September 24, 2010

Donations and Cotton Festival Profits Bouy Lee County's Chamber of Commerce

Bishopville, SC
September 24, 2010

"...The Lee County Chamber of Commerce is on the road to financial recovery, according to its director.
Thanks to donations from the community and a successful cotton festival, more than half of a financial shortfall of $12,000 has been erased in 30 days, Pam Kelley said.
"We are going to survive," she said.
Big crowds at the Lee County Cotton Festival on Friday and Saturday helped to generate much needed revenue, she said.
"After we pay the bills, we should have a profit of about $4,000 just on the festival," Kelley said.
Chamber President Troy Santoscoy, who is the CEO at South Atlantic Canners, said the chamber has received several significant donations from individuals and groups.
The display of community support came in response to an August meeting which detailed the chamber's financial problems, and the decision to cancel a planned high-cost, high-reward raffle.
The chamber's executive committee canceled the raffle when officials learned it was not legal in South Carolina to hold such a raffle, Santoscoy said.
As an alternative, chamber officials increased membership dues to generate immediate revenue.
"When the statements were sent out earlier this month, membership dues were increased by 60 percent," Santoscoy said.
Kelley said response from chamber members has been "very good..." See full article in The Item

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