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Friday, September 10, 2010

Do Records Obtained by Media Indicate Gubernatorial Candidate Nikki Haley is a Tax Dodger?

Is Nikki Haley an Habitual Tax Dodger, a Bad Bookkeeper or Both? 

Question: When is it okay not to pay taxes? 
Answer: When you are Nikki Haley.

Most of us are good citizens of the state in that we pay our taxes on time. Of course there are some who, legitimately, file for extensions but by and large the majority get it right. But what about those who just don't pay their fair share.... well, they are hunted down by governmental agencies and forced to pay. 

We just may have one of the latter running for Governor of our fair state... 

According to media sources it appears that Nikki Haley is not as good at bookkeeping as she would like you to believe. Records dating back to 2003 obtained by media sources indicate that she has had tax liens placed against her clothing business by the State for failure to pay taxes. 

Media resources report that one tax lien involved failure to pay employee withholding taxes while two others were for failure to pay corporate income taxes. 

 "... In response, Haley's campaign said Thurday she is running for governor in part because she wants to cut red tape and taxes that are too burdensome. Her campaign declined to discuss the specifics of the liens.

'As a family, we saw how hard it was to make a dollar and how easy it was for government to take it,' Haley, a state House member, said in a statement. 'I'm committed to making government friendlier to the people and businesses it serves.'

A key part of Haley's economic plan is to eliminate corporate income taxes, an idea the Legislature rejected earlier this year." Full report

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