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Monday, September 20, 2010

District Attorney Agrees to 'Pamper' Heiress by Suspending Sentence

Spanked by District Attorney
Media sources report Clark County, Nevada prosecutor David Roger and a person associated with  naughty girl Paris Hilton's defense team who wished to remain anonymous, have arrived at an agreement that keeps the heiress out of jail.

It seems District Attorney Roger wanted to be sure he had control of the spunky socialite who is widely reported on by the press for her use of mind altering drugs; arranging for her sentence of 'two six-month jail terms' to be suspended. Keeping the naughty girl on a leash, the district attorney is also requiring that she serves one year probation with the stipulation should she misbehave she will have to serve one year in lockup.

It is entirely possible the District Attorney is not aware of Hilton's long history of misbehaving... Another possibility is that the defense team has done one whale of a job pulling the wool over his eyes. A third possibility are the facts that Hilton is rich, famous..... and sexy. Did I mention she is rich?

Paris's latest case is not another example of 'pampering' by the courts... I mean, look what they did to Lindsay Lohan!

Anyway... it is expected that Paris will plead guilty to the charges today. Read full story

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