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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cyber crooks hide behind company logos in emails - WIS News 10 - Columbia, South Carolina |

Are You Being Dunned by a Cyber-Crook?

From WISTV:  "CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Cyber crooks are banking on consumers not being able to tell the difference between and email from a legitimate company versus an email designed to steal information and money.

A three month study by Panda Security found that 57,000 'phishing' websites are created each week. More than 75% of the sites are designed to trick people into handing over their personal information via email.

The study found hundreds of big-name company brands were being sued for fraud including eBay, Visa, Amazon, PayPal, the Internal Revenue Service and Bank of America. The computer thieves are sending emails to unsuspecting people with a company logo attached, usually from a popular bank or online retail business, giving it the appearance that the message is legit..."

Editors note: These types of e-mail have become personal for me... I receive one to two a week, each containing official looking company logo's which are placed in a prominent location. First it was e-mails from a cyber-crook using the Time Warner Cable logo and just a couple of days ago I received one containing the logo of Pay Pal. Legit companies don't ask for personal information online. Not sure about an e-mail; pick up the phone and call the company... but don't use the phone number from the suspect e-mail!!!!!

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