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Friday, September 24, 2010

Ballgame Film Until Now Was Thought to be Missing

"...(Bing Crosby) The silver-tongued crooner, whose recording of "White Christmas" has sold millions of copies worldwide, was part owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team from 1946 until his death in 1977..."

"...It was thought that one of the greatest games ever played had survived only through radio broadcasts, grainy photographs and the written word. Then in December, while Robert Bader was combing through tapes and reels of Crosby's old TV specials, the vice president of Bing Crosby Entertainment stumbled across two gray canisters in a pile stretching to the ceiling.

They were labeled '1960 World Series' and looked as though they hadn't been touched in years. An hour of searching revealed three more reels.

Bader screened the 16-millimeter film and realized it was the complete broadcast of Game 7, with the Yankees' Mel Allen and Pirates' Bob Prince calling the action. The conditions of the wine cellar -- cool and dry -- meant that the film had survived in pristine condition.

'I had to be the only person to have seen it in 50 years,' Bader said. 'It was pure luck...'" Read entire article

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