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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Re-Vote Tuesday 
Again Pits 
Bramlett Against Eckley 
Slim possibility exists for write-in upset for Sheriff

The Item: by Randy Burns  "...The executive committee of the South Carolina Democratic Party ordered a re-vote at the Bishopville No. 2 box after determining that only 111 of the 242 votes cast at the polling place were actually residents of District 4.

The only eligible voters for the re-vote are the 111 voters who cast ballots in the District 4 race at the Bishopville Fire station, according to Director of Voters Registration Lynn Fata.

The vote in the Bishopville No. 2 precinct for the District 4 county council seat was thrown out, Fata said.

After taking out the vote at the Bishopville fire station, Bramlett has a 27-vote lead over Eckley.
Fata is confident that the re-vote will be a successful one.

'We have given the (111) names of the people who are eligible to vote in the District 4 race to the poll workers at Bishopville No. 2,' Fata said. 'We also have given the names to Gordon Eckley and Matt Bramlett.'

Bramlett, who fought against having the re-vote, said he has no problem with the decision made by the South Carolina Democratic Party.

June 10, 2010
Matt Bramlett Defeated Gordon Eckley
Lee County Democratic Party Executive Committee
Upheld Election Results
----June 20, 2010
State Democratic Party Executive Committee
Orders Re-Vote
'I think it's good that we're having the re-vote,' he said. 'I just didn't like the way it was done. Phone calls were made, and the decision to have the re-vote was already made by the state party before we got there for the hearing.'
Bramlett is working hard to get his voters to the polls on Tuesday..."

Protest: Gordon Eckley claimed voter irregularity in District 4 County Council race

"... In the June 8 Democratic primary election results that were certified June 10, Bramlett defeated Eckley by a vote of 520 to 447.
At a protest hearing held on Thursday, Eckley provided information he believed indicated that 131 people voted in the District 4 council race at the Bishopville No. 1 precinct at the Lee County Fire Station even though they did not live in District 4.
Of the 242 votes cast in the District 4 race, only 111 of those were registered voters eligible to vote in that district, said Lynn Fata with the Voter Registration Office..."

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