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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lee County Chamber Cancels Fundraiser Raffle - Cites Current State Law Prohibiting Raffles

From the Editor: 

John Reames
The Lee County Chamber of Commerce has decided to cancel their planned fundraiser raffle after a call by the Chambers Executive Director to the SC Attorney General's office confirmed that to follow through with the raffle would indeed be a violation of State law.

Pam Kelley, Executive Director for the Chamber, in a comment posted to my Facebook page said, "After your blog I called the Attorney Generals office myself and you are 100% correct. As of today the Lee County Chambers fundraiser has been canceled. We of course do not want to in anyway break the law. There are so many people who have these types of fundraiser that need to know that any type of chance is illegal. I sure didn't think buying a ticket from a little girl who is trying to go to cheer-leading camp would be breaking the law..."

Pam is right, not many people are aware of this law; I sure wasn't until alerted by a concerned citizen who has the welfare of the Chamber at heart.

Hopefully, the Chamber will come up with a legal fundraiser... a silent auction has been suggested and I don't think that would be illegal. Donations of items from the business community as well as from the private sector could be used to bid on. Silent auctions are fun and nearly 100% of the funds raised benefit the cause.

I wish the Lee County Chamber of Commerce the best going forward and believe the good people of Lee County will come forth with their wholehearted support. Lee County simply cannot afford to lose the Chamber.

We have not received a response to our e-mail and phone call today requesting information from the SC Attorney General office.

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