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Monday, August 16, 2010

"Big Dog" E.J. Melvin May Face Additional Federal Charges

Melvin Could Face Federal Racketeering charges

"...FBI and State Law Enforcement Division officials conducted interviews with people in and around Lee County during the past several weeks, and Moore said they've uncovered more information about Melvin's alleged activities.

Former Lee County Sheriff E. J. "Big Dog" Melvin
Investigators said they learned of one alleged plot in which Melvin would have county-owned vehicles undergo repairs at 'inflated prices,' then pocket the extra money.

Another alleged plot had Melvin extorting money from drug dealers in exchange for the sheriff's protection.

Those two plots are violations of the Hobbs Act, a federal law that prohibits extortion through intimidation or force, as well as affecting interstate commerce.

In another alleged plot, Melvin had a woman who worked for Lee County funnel federal funds to him through a county program to help fund 'parties' he hosted, investigators allege.

Melvin and the woman, whom Moore said was Melvin's girlfriend, took in at least $5,000 in one year through the plot, the prosecutor said..." full story

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