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Friday, September 25, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Many of you have come to know Rachael Bowman Bradbury through her website. Rachael Bowman Bradbury is Ruthie Stevenson Bowman's daughter.

Ruthie writes: 


I am trying to get some info on various girl scout troops through the years as I have a couple of pictures. What I specifically want is to get the names of as many troop leaders as possible. If it suits you, I wondered if you would consider posting something on your blog asking folks who were in the girl or boy scouts up to 1960 to post a comment or email me the years they were in the scouts and who their leaders were. Does that make sense? I will also post something on my sadly neglected blog....

I know, from my husband's experience, how annoying it can be to have people ask you to post things; I completely understand if it's something you'd rather not do.


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