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Thursday, August 06, 2009

DHEC's Lee County Landfill Website

Bishopville, Lee County, SC

Natives posted an article July 24, 2009, concerning the new 5-megawatt turbine generator installed by Santee Cooper at the Lee County Landfill and soon after the article hit the monitor screens throughout Lee County, we began receiving inquiries from several Lee County 'Natives' wishing to learn to how they could report future incidents of escaping gases.

Through the magic of the internet we located the answer and are delighted to report, DHEC, to their credit and in direct response to the rising tide of concern from the public, has developed a web page to aid in keeping everyone better informed of issues concerning the landfill.

In addition, Natives will provide a permanent link under the heading, Links of Interest.

Also from DHEC's Lee County website comes this information Link

  • Next Community Meeting

  • DHEC believes that one of the most effective ways to hear comments and concerns from local citizens is through meetings held in your community. Getting involved is an important way for you to stay informed and to share your thoughts with us.
  • We enjoyed talking with and hearing from many of you at our meeting in March 2009. We are currently looking at dates to hold another meeting in the Bishopville community, possibly in late August or early September. At this meeting we will share with you our ongoing efforts and most recent findings on activities at the landfill. Information on our next meeting will be sent to everyone on our mailing list and posted on the web page
  • (

We hope this information will prove useful and that 'Natives of Lee County' whose lives are influenced by the presence of the landfill will 'sign up' for the DHEC e-mail updates. An informed public is an educated public. No gossip here folks.

More concerning the landfill: Link

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