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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Letter to the Editor

Dan F. Laney wrote:

I enjoyed your July 13 email, but I was surprised to read your article about Zuill Bailey, Sr. I am also from Bishopville (I grew up on Ridge Street across from Bishopville Grammar School, attended BHS in 68-70 and graduated from Lee Academy in '73), but I did not know Zuill. I guess we were too far apart in age.
The reason I was so surprised is that our son, Kyle Laney, is an 11th grade cellist in the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra, and in March of this year, Zuill Bailey, Jr., played with Kyle's orchestra in a concert here in Atlanta. It was a great thrill for the young musicians. Zuill is indeed a superstar cellist, and it was a really big deal for him to perform with the Youth Orchestra. I had no idea, however, that his father is from Bishopville and that he is another member of the "Bishopville Diaspora".

Dan Laney


JMSSouth said...


It's good to "see" you on John's blog. It's been way too long.

Zuill Sr. is a frequent visitor to Bishopville as his mother is still living here in the family home. This should tie it all together for you - Zuill's mother, Harriet, is Rosalyn Hancock's (mother of Donna from your HS class) sister.

Small world eh?

I trust life is treating you well.

Take care,

Jake Smith

(John - I apologize for taking over your page but I couldn't resist saying "hello" to Dan. Thanks!)

John Reames said...

Jake, there is no need to feel that way... I have the comment section just for that purpose. Wish more Natives would use the opportunity to comment. Thanks... I learned something too!

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