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Monday, July 13, 2009

Elvin C. Price - BHS Class of 1956

After high school, Elvin married Anne Monneyhan from Wedgefield, moved to Columbia to find work. After the birth of two sons the couple moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Elvin and Anne divorced in 1982 and he married Janet Gatien from Escanaba, Michigan in 1985. .

In 1969, Elvin began working in a basement workshop building quality, laborsaving devices for the sewn products industry. Few would have imagined this one-man company, capitalized with slightly more than $100, would one day become the world's largest builder of automated sewing equipment and custom laborsaving devices. This all came from a start at Biflex Brassiere & Gridle Mfc. Co. sweeping the floor during my last two years of high school. Our motto was “What nature has forgotten we stuff with Cotton”

The emphasis at AAC has always been on quality; not only of the product but most importantly, the development of a quality work force. As Elvin so often points out, Atlanta Attachment's employees are its most valuable asset. Unlike the building and equipment, they appreciate and become more valuable. The company, therefore, puts most of its time and resources into recruiting and retaining the most talented and productive personnel.

The company relocated to Lawrenceville, GA in 1978 to take advantage of a quality worker base

Today, even with unprecedented growth, that same hardworking and talented individual who meets the company's criteria can be found at Atlanta Attachment Company.

While many of the company employees hold a college degree, it is not a prerequisite. The founder never had the opportunity to attend college other than the few classes he attended in the 1960's at Georgia Tech. It is the stated policy of Atlanta Attachment Company that: "We will provide an atmosphere in which talented and motivated persons can excel."

Atlanta Attachment Company regularly exceeds its sales and profit goals and because of outstanding dedication, its employees enjoy a secure environment and share in its success.

In 2007 Atlanta Attachment had outgrown the three building we were in and decided to build a new facility and combine all operations into one location. The new facility was built with GOING GREEN in mind. We collect all the rain water and reuse it for the pressure washing of machine parts and other weldments before painting. We also use natural lighting in our office and shop assembly area.

In 1995 we started a new division of our company, Priceless Plane Products. This division produces aircraft tugs for the general aviation market. The tugs and products from AAC are sold worldwide, last year we sold into 56 different countries.

We still operate our company, with the help of three of our six sons. Business conditions have been poor for the last 8-10 months, we hope to see better days for AAC and all of America.

A note from Elvin: Janet and I retired in 2007 and travel in our motor home and airplane.

We are both in good health and enjoy our 6 grandchildren; four boys, two girls. We plan to attend the (Gathering of the Classes Reunion in February, 2010). Thanks for the blogs.

Elvin and Janet
770 963 7830 home
678 234 1900 cell

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