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Sunday, July 19, 2009

50th for the Class of 1959

Raymond Reynolds and Tommy Moore

Harry and Harry Too's Restaurant in Bishopville, South Carolina was the scene of the 50th reunion for members of Bishopville High School's graduating Class of 1959.

Arriving fashionably late (almost 2 hours) Ann 'Bailey' Reames with her husband Johnny in tow, walked through the doors and immediately spotted someone she had not seen in years... "Tommy Moore!" she exclaimed as she weaved her way through the maze of tables and chairs to hug her classmate...

Similar greetings were repeated throughout the day as Ann spotted and hugged all her former classmates. Spirits were high, smiles were wide and the tales were forthcoming (mostly from the men), however great fun was had by everyone in attendance.

The decorations, while modest were very appropriate... with a banner hung high in advertizement of the fact that 50 years has passed since the final bell at Bishopville High School rang for this group of former classmates.

The food was refreshingly simple and tasty, with the gracious and talented Elmore's serving up delicious hamburgers made to order, along with plenty of finger foods, dips, cake and beverages to everyone's delight.

Mrs. Jewell Tindall, one of the teachers invited to attend, presented the class with a beautiful arrangement of red roses in recognition of the 5oth year anniversary celebration.

In attendance along with Mrs. Tindall were Mrs. Barbara DuBose and Mrs. Fannie Watson. Speaking for the Class of 1959: Ladies we salute you... please recognize that we are eternally indebted and beholden to your persistance and perseverance and that our years under your tutelage was not in vane. We thank you.

In closing: Everyone stay healthy for in two years the Bishopville High School Class of 1959 will gather once again in celebration... Pictures


Luther said...

Tommy Moore was my room mate in
USC, Can you sent me his email or phone number. I have not seen him
in 25 or more years.
Luther Rankin

John Reames said...

Hello Luther,

I talked with Tommy today and I sending you his contact information by separate e-mail.


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