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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


SOLD ! ! ! !
Vehicle is being sold as is!

Red Exterior/Black Interior

Vehicle is in fair condition and has the normal dings and dents in addition to faded paint on the fiberglass bumpers and hard top. Interior portion has signs of wear with a small hole in the driver’s side seat. Dashboard vinyl has a couple of cracks and the plastic panel surrounding the Heater/A/C/Radio is broken. Radio is not the original (better). Carpet has signs of wear. A/C works, however it has a slow gas leak.

Has new clutch plate, throw out bearing and seal. New gaskets on oil pan and valve cover; the brake pads are newly installed and the battery was replaced recently. The vehicle drive train is in good condition.

VIN#: JM1NA351XM0209628

Year/Make/Model: 1991 MAZCA MX-5 MIATA

Color: Interior, Black – Exterior, Red

Body Style: CONVERTIBLE (with hard top)

Engine Type: 1.6L FI DOHC

Transmission: 5 speed manual RWD

Manufactured in: Japan

Asking $2000.00

Can be seen by appointment. Call John Reames @ 803-795-8986

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