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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Recollections by Leo DuBose

Leo writes:

"John, you do a fantastic job with your blog. I do read and enjoy it - I recognize many names, however the names that I don't know will often bring back memories.  Bishopville has changed quite a bit and believe me I could tell quite a few stories.

My dad (Leo, Sr.) got off a Greyhound bus in Bishopville with $5 bucks to his name (back when) and went to work at McLeod's Pharmacy for Dr John Rhame, David Rhame's dad. 

Most of the streets in town were dirt, including Harris St, where I grew up. 

Doctors' offices were in the back of the drugstore and when the docs weren't in, my dad did the doctoring. I can ramble on with a few interesting "Saturday night" stories and get a few laughs. 

I remember some great teachers at Bishopville Grammar School, the morning assemblies with The Lord's Prayer and singing the doxology, marbles and fights on the playground during recess. 

I would walk to school along the Black River ditch in tall wet grass and weeds; stepping over an occasional snake and it's a wonder we survived..... "

 Leo's information is below. Contact him and let him know you read his recollections on Natives of Lee County South Carolina.

J Leo DuBose Jr CLTC, CSA

Certified in Long Term Care

Certified Senior Advisor

(803) 920-1897 Direct

(803) 685-6367 Fax

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