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Monday, February 09, 2009

Update - E-mail from Fletcher Smith

Editors note: I had not noticed the ladies on the porch… my, my… thanks ever so much… now we have another mystery we have to solve and I’m sure that the Martins- Hank, Jane, and Anne will be breaking out the magnifying glasses to see if they can identify the ladies.

Fletcher writes:


I am Fletcher Smith, born in 1953. My dad was Carroll Smith who worked in the post office for years and we always lived out on Hwy 34 just out of town, in front of Denny Pond Road. My brothers may be closer to your age; Benton born in 1940 and Denny in 1943. I just give you that for perspective.

Second, thank you so much for your dedication and passion for Lee County and your site. I always look forward to the Inbox and seeing something from you. Many are rewarded for your excellence and commitment. Much gratitude!

The picture caught my eye, maybe because I am dealing with pictures in a similar time period. Our mom passed last year and we are making a family album to share with grandchildren. Anyway, I shared with my brother Denny who lives in Canada. We do believe that house on the left is where my mom and dad basically started their married life before moving to Hwy 34. It is on Dennis Avenue for sure. The house on the right that you can barely see the edge was the Henry Martin home. We believe the ladies on the porch in the middle house are the Martins aunts; one possibly named Marney. We are pretty confident you are walking towards the Baptist Church. I have some reason to believe that the lady is my mom; Annette and she is holding my brother Denny. If this picture is the Spring or Summer ( according to clothing ) of 1945 or 1946; I think it could be her. However, if it is much earlier in time.....then it's not her. Denny doesn't seem to think it is her. Unfortunately he doesn't recognize any of the children.

Thank you again for your great work,
Fletcher Smith

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