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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prayer Request- Mrs. Charles Kemp (Beluah) Nash - Swami Nash

Friends of Mrs. Charles K. ‘Beulah’ Nash will be happy and saddened all at the same time to learn that she has moved from her long time home in Bishopville and is presently settling into her new surroundings in Myrtle Beach. She has her family with her as they make sure her transition proceeds smoothly. Her many friends will surely miss seeing her about town.

Her oldest son Swami, seen here with his lovely bride Nina, is in the hospital in Myrtle Beach. Swami's wife Nina says that his doctors have arranged hospitalization in order to build up his body's constitution in preparation for digestive track surgery. The surgery is tentatively scheduled for sometime next week.

Please keep 'Swami' , Mrs. Nash and their families in your prayers.

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