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Thursday, February 05, 2009

UPDATE!!! Need Help Identifying People in Photo

Lousie 'Hapeshis' McCutchen writes: Johnny, The photo was taken on Dennis Avenue. The houses in the background were homes of Ed Kirkley on the right and Carroll Smith (later Dr. Richard Denny) on the left. The girls , I believe, are Jane Martin on left and I am the taller with pigtails. I lived two doors down and Jane lived across the street. The child between us is either Hank and my brother George. I do not know the girl behind you. Where did you get this picture. We were in the yard of Mrs. Juanita Ackerman. Guess it must have been a party. I bet you have had a dozen different people Identifying themselves and I am just one of them. You were certainly a cute little fellow!!!!

Karen 'Hall' Whitehead writes: John, The house with the Crepe Myrtle tree in front is Dot and Ed Kirkley's ( Lynn Kirkley Satterfield on Dennis Ave. The one to the left is where Dr. Richard Denny lived next door (Lee and Lynn Denny). As for those in the picture I would think about the Stuckey boys, Josey Boys,and Hank Martin, maybe because he lived next door to the Kirkleys. Karen

Editor's note: Okay, we've established that the scene depicted in the picture is located on Dennis Avenue and the activity is occuring in the front yard of Mrs. Juanita Ackerman and we have positive ID's on Louise and Jane Martin. Now we need to learn who the lad is standing between Louise and Jane... my guess is that it is Hank because he was younger than George. Who is the lady holding the child?

This picture was provided to me by my 1st Cousin Harvey Ackerman whose dad was raised in the Ackerman home.


I'm guessing that this picture was taken around 1945-46. That would make me about 4 or 5 years old.

Judging from the clothes this has to be in the warmer summer months or early spring. That's me in the foreground wearing those adorable shorts.

I haven't a clue as to where this was taken or who those people are but I believe we are at someone's home celebrating a birthday.

The cute girl walking up behind me... Could she be Suzanne House?

If anyone recognizes the homes across the street or any of the kids in the picture please let us know.

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John Reames said...

mmmm.... how did Karen know that was a Crepe Mrytle?

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